A Letter to Ananda Members Regarding the Election

Vastness - Art Inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda by Jyotish Novak

Dear Friends,      The results of the election were quite a shock to us, as probably to most people. We are entering a new era in politics and many people will be unsettled, anxious, perhaps even fear filled. At times like this we all need to be, ever more strongly, instruments for God’s light. Remember, this is God’s dream and He is in charge. Conditions are always neutral, as Master has taught, and everything is an opportunity for our spiritual growth. It is up to us to use this opportunity well. Here are a few things to keep in mind.      Don’t expose yourself to too much news, either on the Internet or other media. The media now will be filled with anxiety, discord, and polarizing opinions—some people lauding the results and others upset or angry. Many will be speculating on the future effects of the election. National politics is mass karma over which we have little or no personal control. Our primary individual responsibility is to keep our consciousness high and attuned to God and Gurus. The best course of action now is to deepen your meditation and serve ever more expansively.      What God gives, we take. See this as a precious spiritual opportunity. Many people will be upset and will need to find sources of light. Let Ananda be one of those sources. God may be using this as an opportunity to help people turn toward spiritual rather than social solutions.      Think in terms of long rhythms. If we look only to the present and near future we will miss the bigger picture of slow social upliftment that is one of the hallmarks of Dwapara Yuga. Master foresaw “bumps” like this simply as necessary steppingstones along the way. As we know, many years ago Master was blocked by some government restrictions and commented wryly (as people do), “There ought to be a revolution!” He paused a moment, then said more quietly, “There will be one.” This election may be what, in part, he was foreseeing.      Try to stay centered and not to live in your own likes and dislikes. During turbulent times people’s expectations will be thwarted, which will lead to widespread frustration and anger. Be centered, so that you can be a “bridge over troubled waters.”      Keep everyone in your prayers: Trump as the new president, other government officials, this potentially noble nation, and other countries and leaders. The world is, more than ever, in need of peace and harmony. Prayer is greatly needed now and it might be a good time to revisit Master’s and Swamiji’s teachings on how to pray effectively, as well as prayers they’ve given us that are particularly applicable just now. Here is a link to one of them.      We hold all of you, dear friends, in our hearts and prayers. Tomorrow we leave for our last big tour, to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Puri. By staying busy and serving to the best of our ability, we will do our best to stay in God’s all-embracing light. May you do the same.

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