If You Want His Answer


The energy in Swami Kriyananda’s Moksha Mandir, where his physical body now resides, was vibrant with the tangible presence of his love and joy. It was April 21, 2016, the third anniversary of Swamiji’s passing, and residents of Ananda Village were honoring him with our annual observance of a six-hour meditation.

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The Invisible Cord


This evening we’ll begin our journey back from India to the United States after an intense five weeks of travel and sharing with devotees here. Every spiritual seeker needs to come to India at least once in their lifetime, for it’s here that enlightened sages perceived the soul’s path back to union with God. This awareness lies beneath the surface of every aspect of life.

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We’ve just finished a program in honor of Paramhansa Yogananda’s mahasamadhi, which occurred on March 7, 1952. There is a powerful current of energy that is released on special holy days, especially the birthday of a great master and the anniversary of his passing. Like a surfer riding a giant wave, we can make rapid progress if we make a sincere spiritual effort at these sacred times.

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How Will Our Story End?

How will our story end? A blog by Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi"

In The New Path, Swami Kriyananda writes: “I once had an interesting dream; indeed, it seemed to me more than a dream. I saw myself in another life, deeply devoted to a particular friend. He took advantage of my love for him, and treated me with an unkindness that fluctuated between condescension and outright contempt. In time, there arose in me a feeling of deep bitterness toward him. As I approached the end of that incarnation, I realized that if I died with this attitude my bitterness would, like a magnet, draw both of us back to similar, but reversed, circumstances.

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