Technological Yogis

Technological Yogis by Nayaswami Jyotish | Touch of Light: Living the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Years ago I read a short story about an American mountain climber. While gathering supplies in a market in India, he comes across a yogi with matted hair and a long beard, wearing nothing but a simple dhoti. The yogi politely asks the American what he is doing in India. The mountain climber curtly tells this “oddity” to mind his own business. After a rude and arrogant exchange, the American proudly says he is going to climb Mount Everest. The story goes on to describe the long, tedious days of trekking with a caravan of porters to arrive at the mountain and finally to carry supplies to base camp. Then comes the difficult and dangerous ascent to the top, pushing the very boundaries of human will and endurance. What a shock, upon arriving at the peak, to discover this same yogi calmly sitting there in lotus posture. The American stammers, “How did you get here?” The yogi replies, “The question is, ‘How did you get here?’ Surely you didn’t walk, did you?”

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If You Want His Answer

Templo del Moksha Mandir donde descansa el cuerpo de Swami Kriyananda, en Ananda Village, CA.

The energy in Swami Kriyananda’s Moksha Mandir, where his physical body now resides, was vibrant with the tangible presence of his love and joy. It was April 21, 2016, the third anniversary of Swamiji’s passing, and residents of Ananda Village were honoring him with our annual observance of a six-hour meditation.

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The Invisible Cord


This evening we’ll begin our journey back from India to the United States after an intense five weeks of travel and sharing with devotees here. Every spiritual seeker needs to come to India at least once in their lifetime, for it’s here that enlightened sages perceived the soul’s path back to union with God. This awareness lies beneath the surface of every aspect of life.

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