flowerEveryday a miracle is happening all around us. Because it’s so humble and simple, we hardly even notice it, yet without it we couldn’t survive: the miracle of healing. I don’t mean the dramatic examples of divine intervention like Jesus restoring sight to the blind man, or Lahiri Mahasaya bringing Sri Yukteswar’s friend back from the dead.

I’m talking about what happens on a very mundane level when we cut our finger. This starts a process so complex and amazing that it could only be directed by an intelligent life force. When we cut ourselves, first we feel pain, and blood begins flowing to the wound. Then the blood vessels constrict, and platelets accumulate to form a clot.

Next swelling begins at the cut as blood vessels dilate, and white cells flow to the wound to prevent infection. A second kind of white blood cell then moves in bringing proteins to build new cells that repair the damaged tissue. Finally the cells remodel into new skin and blood vessels that strengthen over time. Later we may look at the faint scar on our finger and think, “Oh, I must have cut myself,” but miss the fact that a miracle has happened.

There are other kinds of healing miracles that go unnoticed in our daily lives. A friend of ours has recently been going through a painful divorce. Just like the cut on our finger, first she experienced pain in her wounded heart and the tears flowed, but a divine healing process beyond her conscious awareness had also begun. We watched as she moved from trauma to acceptance, and her heart began to heal. Then slowly she began to rebuild and remodel her life to reclaim her strength and wholeness. Someday I hope she’ll look back on these events as a faint memory.

Whether we’re grieving over the loss of a loved one, or trying to rebuild trust and cooperation in a group that’s lost its ability to work together, the same healing process is constantly taking place. What makes this possible? An all-pervading intelligent life force is always working to bring everything into wholeness and harmony.

Yoganandaji talks about “faith in the power of omnipresent good.” This “omnipresent good” has always been and will continue to be directing the healing process in every aspect of our lives. May we see each day as the miracle that it is.

With joy in God,
Nayaswami Devi


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  1. I sometimes fall behind on reading these wonderful articles, but I never delete them until read. And Divine Mother always makes sure I get to them in the perfect moment. So, not only was this just what I needed today, but I cut my finger (for the first time in years) about a week ago and have been marveling at how quickly Divine Intelligence is making it as good as new! Thank you so much for your deeply inspiring words, Devi.

  2. “I will go forth with perfect faith in the power of Omnipresent Good to bring me what I need at the time I need it!” I think this is the affirmation I use the most because it covers all the bases – all the circumstances of life that need divine healing and the miracle of God’s love. The Omnipresent Good is what created the universe and holds it together – and it is who we are. Thank you Devi, for another touch of divine light!

  3. Thank you. A blessed reminder that the miracles are right in front of our eyes, any time we choose to see them. Ever-present love letters from Divine Mother.

  4. That is beautiful, Devi. And profound in its simplicity. One quote that struck home was:
    “An all-pervading intelligent life force is always working to bring everything into wholeness and harmony.” We simply need to learn to cooperate with that grace.

    Thank you, Devi.

  5. Bless you Devi,
    So appropriate and appreciated. The miracles around us abound…taking the time to witness and receive them is exactly where I am, so thank you for so eloquently expressing it.
    ~~~Peace, Josette

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