While in Hawaii, I read a translation of an ancient Hawaiian song about mana, or “life force”:

     For mana is divine power
     And we Hawaiians have a keen awareness of this
            Supernatural force running through all things.
     For it is our natural consciousness to be psychic.
            And we read signs and omens into elemental phenomena.
     To us, there is nothing that isn’t alive.
     For everything has mana in some form . . .
     Rocks and plants and mountains, winds and sea.
     And water in all its forms is the symbol for this
            Mystical power called mana.

As I read this, I was struck by the similarity of mana to the yogic concept of prana. The techniques that Paramhansa Yogananda taught—his Energization Exercises and several techniques of meditation, most especially Kriya Yoga—are expressly designed to heighten our awareness of this subtle life force around and within us.

Paramhansa Yogananda on the Ganges River in India

Paramhansa Yogananda on the Ganges.

Yoganandaji wrote, “I watch the roaring, shouting torrent of life-force moving through the heart into the body. I turn backward to the spine. The beat and roar of the heart are gone. Like a sacred hidden river my life-force flows in the gorge of the spine. I enter a dim corridor through the door of the spiritual eye, and speed on until at last the river of my life flows into the ocean of Life and loses itself in bliss.”

It isn’t only through the practice of techniques that the flow of prana can be experienced. To enhance our awareness of it, right attitude, also, is vitally important. Positive thinking and enthusiasm open the floodgates of our mind to an increased flow of energy. And a spirit of respect towards all people unites us with the great river of life.

There is a remarkable story that I read in a book about the ancient Hawaiian civilization. A Christian missionary came to the South Pacific in the late 1800s with a burning zeal to convert the “heathen.” One of his methods of “persuasion” was to condemn the traditional priests as charlatans and fakers.

One day after a particularly vehement tirade against the ancient ways, an elderly priest asked the missionary why he always attacked them when he had no knowledge of their true spiritual power.

“Because you are liars,” the missionary said defiantly. “If you have such great powers, why don’t you demonstrate them now for all the people to see?”

Thus mercilessly taunted by the missionary, the old priest finally shook his head slowly, and, in a quiet voice, said, “Go down this pathway into the jungle about one hundred yards. There you will find a fork in the road. Take the righthand fork, proceed a few more steps, then stop and look into the jungle.”

With the whole congregation watching, the missionary did as he’d been instructed and looked into the jungle. What he saw appeared to be an open window displaying a scene from another time and place. Through the window he saw his mother’s kitchen in Holland, where she stood—just as he often remembered her since leaving the family home—baking bread. Glancing up, she looked directly at her son, who fled screaming in fear of the extraordinary power that had been demonstrated to him.

This experience so changed him that he left the village, abandoned his missionary work, and spent the rest of his life studying the ways of the traditional religion. He later received a letter from his mother asking if he was well, because she also had seen him that day, and was concerned that perhaps what she’d seen was his ghost.

To feel the river of life within us, we need to see the Divine Life in all. As Swami Kriyananda wrote in his song, “Brothers”: “Though words and customs vary like waves upon the sea / One life beneath the surface binds everyone to me.”

United with you in spirit,

Nayaswami Devi


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  1. Aloha Devi,
    I am new to this website and I clicked on this story first, as I was born and raised on the island of O’ahu. I just watched the movie Finding Happiness and was moved by it…so much so that I have watched it 3 times in 2 days.
    Thank you for sharing this story and spreading love, harmony, peace and understanding. I eagerly look forward to perusing this website further. The state of the world we are currently living in has frightened me lately. I don’t want to have my self disturbed by the hate I see and attract more…not sure if that makes sense, I just know I need to replace it with happiness. So once again, thank you.

  2. so beautiful.we travel to Hawaii often and the mana/prana is palpable in its beauty and its people..this is so beautiful,touching and validating for me…I have had many encounters with Divine Mother’s Energy there -it is my heavenly earth retreat. Thank you deeply for sharing this. Ma Om

  3. This is an inspiring, moving piece.
    I am curious about the book title with
    the story of the missionary and the
    vision he was given of his mother.
    Perhaps a citation could have been
    provided for anyone who wishes to
    read that book. It seems fascinating.
    Please advise me of the book title.

    1. Dear Ronald,
      Thanks for asking. The book is called “Ancient Hawaiian Civilization” and is a transcribed series of lectures given at The Kamehameha Schools. There is an introduction by Glen Grant, whose father was the missionary in the story. No author is listed, but it’s published by Mutual Publishing, if that helps.

  4. Dear Devi,

    This is such a powerful letter! Thank you for sharing it with us. I always read and save these wonderful weekly letters from you and Jyotish. I am inspired and edified by each one.



  5. Thank you, Devi, for another beautiful blog post. Yes, “one life beneath the surface binds everyone to me …” In God’s eyes, there is zero separation … the only Reality is Oneness. <3

  6. It is so wonderful that you are enjoying God’s beauty and the true aloha spirit. I continue to be. so blessed since moving to the Big Island. Hearing Divine Mother sing in the frogs, Pele in her lava flows, the orchids with the whirling devas in them all help me see the Oneness of all. Waking up to Self. Jai Guru.

  7. Whether near or far
    Love between souls
    Make each so close by ~
    bhajana is far but never far because you live In my heart <3

    Lovely story! Thought you might stay in Hawaii like the missionary 🙂

  8. Thank you, Devi, for this and the other posts you and Jyotish so lovingly write for us. So inspirational every time! In Master. Nancy Corsaro

  9. Dear Swamijis Jyotish and Devi, Thank you for this most wondrous article, absolutely beautiful , I can’t help but joyfully read it time and again and the story is indeed remarkable, the whole blog! Bless you, Namaste

  10. Dear Devi
    Thank you for sharing this, especially the line from Brothers!
    Blessings Kyle

  11. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji,

    Thank you for the lovely blog. Such power in Master’s word on Prana.

    The Brothers song is one of my favourite . Was listening to it this morning too 🙂
    Such a joyful song.

    In Master’s Love

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