I am writing this from the Island of Kauai, the northernmost island of the Hawaiian chain. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful places on earth, set like a gemstone in an aqua sea. Its hills, valleys, swaying plants, and even its people have been shaped by centuries of rain, sun, and wind. It’s as if Divine Mother had said to Herself, “Here I will put on My loveliest attire. I will wear a hundred subtle shades of green, and My jewelry will be brilliant flowers and birds of every color. In the evenings, I will turn My clouds luminescent and color them orange, and red, and lavender. And I will surround Myself with crystalline blue waters, and even these I will fill with the most fantastic fish I can imagine.”

"Bee Balm" photograph by Craig P. Burrows

“Bee Balm.” Photograph by Craig P. Burrows

And yet, no matter how perfect the scenery seems, it is the least of Her wonders. We saw some remarkable photos taken by Craig P. Burrows using a process by which ultraviolet light causes a flower to fluoresce, or emit its own light. Beyond the visible spectrum, in a world revealed by infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, and other means, is a world of amazing beauty that cannot be seen with our eyes.

People who have highly developed intuition can perceive the realms that lie beyond the senses. Paramhansa Yogananda once told a group of disciples, “You have no idea how beautiful you are. I see you all as beings of light.” His consciousness was altogether beyond the limitations of this physical dream world. He knew that the physical plane, no matter how lovely, was only the dimmest reflection of what awaits us.

Yogananda came into this world in order to show us how to overcome our limitations and experience the true beauty of our higher Self. The whole universe is really consciousness, not matter, and the spiritual practices he taught are meant to detach us from the ego’s delusion that this material plane is the ultimate reality. To find the beauty that lies both within and without, we must calm the mind, the emotions, and ultimately the breath.

Yogananda wrote, “Come out of your closed chamber of limitation. Breathe in the fresh air of vital thoughts. Exhale poisonous thoughts of discouragement, discontentment, or hopelessness. Never suggest to your mind human limitations of sickness, old age, or death, but constantly remind yourself, ‘I am the Infinite, which has become the body.’”

It is not that we should ignore the incredible loveliness of this world. After all, God made it for us to enjoy. But, in our enjoyment, we should try to see beneath the surface. When we allow Divine Mother to show us Her true self, everything becomes filled with light and beauty.

In the light,

Nayaswami Jyotish


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  1. Fabulous article! I love to hear Yogananda’s beautiful words that inform us of what truly lies beyond. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Jyotish. The flower is beautiful and, I agree, so are we. I am reminded that when Master flows freely through me then I am able to see and feel everyone as extensions of Divine Mother, including myself. The ‘best’ most uplifting counseling/therapy sessions I have experienced, as have clients, is when Master and Mother are strongest within and all around me. Amazing things happen. Blessings and Joy, Namaste (Aloha)

  3. Dear Nayasswami Jyotish Ji,

    I am new to this lovely blog and have found to so beautiful as is everything Ananda publishes.
    Today I so enjoyed the story of the preacher intent on converting the pagans. I chuckled at his
    huge surprise of the enormity of God. It is a beautiful lesson so full of Truth. I’ve never been in a church
    or temple where I couldn’t find God. Maybe because I never doubted. Thanks be to God for you, Devi and
    Ananda. This Path will be mine till God calls.
    Blessings to you both,

  4. This was truly what I needed to read today. I’ve been on the Spiritual path for quite some time but find the teaching of Yogananda to really bring me back home to my true self. I only recently have connected with your newsletter and I am so very blessed to have found you. I choose to bask in the love that emanates from this page. Sending love and blessings.

  5. Thank you! It’s allways a beautiful invitation and reminder of the pathway!
    I am gratefull to recieve your thoughts, articules and photos of the wonderfull beauty we are, and are surrounded by!

  6. Thank you for this very beautiful blog post, Jyotish. Yes, we are all Divine Beauty … made in God’s image. <3

  7. Respected Nayaswami
    All salutations to you.
    This article was so enlightening. We should all aim to internalize such teachings.
    With all respect and gratitude

  8. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish,
    Thank you for this article. I felt I was with you as I read it. it inspires me not to give up on this spiritual journey.


  9. Oh, the beauty… the beauty
    It’s all around us!
    Light creating form,
    Form creating matter,
    Matter creating …
    Reminding us that it is in being
    where we truly live and are alive
    In Light, We are –
    Beings of Light.

    Thank You Jyotishji!
    God and Guru Bless you!

  10. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo of what seems like an astral image of this extraordinary flower!

  11. Thank you for the illuminating post. I’m so glad you could visit this beautiful island and let go into Divine Mother’s arms. I’m so glad she is inspiring you with Her show. It is so inspiring to read these words and tune in. Thank you.

  12. Dear jyotish
    This is so beautiful . I feel you have brought us images from the astral world.
    When I close my eyes I am transported.
    Thank you for this.
    I plan on sending it out to our entire RAJA class as it so perfectly conveys all of what we are wanting to share with them.
    Bless you both

  13. Oh how beautiful the world is if we just open our hearts and minds. I am so glad you are enjoying a well deserved vacation. I am sure
    Swami and Master are well pleased with the way you have carried on as our leaders and friends of Ananda.

  14. Thank you for the post. Master might also be thinking at the moment, “You have no idea how beautiful your posts are too!” Wishing both of you love and joy. 🙂

  15. So glad you and Devi are getting to experience this beauty, and that you are sharing these insights with us. ॐ

  16. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish and Devi, Thank you for this beautiful and inspirational article. I always love reading all that you send, and anticipate the next with joy. God Bless

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