A New Year’s Message from Paramhansa Yogananda, January 1950

Resolve, this coming year, to appreciate the value of time. For how is it possible to solve all the mysteries of the Soul in one short life span unless we make the most of each year? Very few know how much can be accomplished when each day is used wisely and economically.

Without realizing the value of immortal time, which God has given us, whole lifetimes may ebb away before we wake up.

All knowledge comes from the inner source, from the Soul eternal, without limitation. But that doesn’t mean we can afford to waste opportunities when God’s priceless treasures are waiting to be received.

How to quicken your evolution? By consciously condensing all your experiences, through the power of concentration and focusing your attention on one point. Condensation of action means quick and efficient performance of duties that ordinarily would take a long time.

Having gained entrance to this vast school of life, resolve to make the most of all it can teach you.

Worldly education starts with books and external methods. But the student of Self-realization starts by increasing his receptivity. Faithfully practice your meditation techniques, for your spiritual progress depends upon the receptivity of your mind, brain cells and spinal column and the grace of God and our Gurus.

The infinite source of all knowledge lies within. When the mind is receptive, you can more readily conquer your problems. Calmness, concentration, condensation of experience and regular practice of meditation will enable you to master your own destiny.

My deep prayer for the new year is that your steadfast efforts will find fruition in ever-increasing happiness.

God’s blessings,

Paramhansa Yogananda

A Letter from Paramhansa Yogananda, November 1933

To my friends, in all lands and in all worlds, greetings and good will! Wherever you are, whoever you are, of whatever color, race, or creed, I send you my love and the pledge of my loyalty. You, who for thousands of years, or for only a day, have worked and fought for justice, freedom, and Truth, receive my gratitude and devotion.

You who dwell in palaces or hovels, in cities or jungles, in mansions or dungeons—if in your hearts there is the urge toward higher, better living and loftier ideals, believe me when I say I am your friend and that I count you blessed friends of mine.

Many of you I have known in the past, and some of you I have never seen, but I think that in God’s appointed time I shall meet each one of you face to face and give you proof of my affection. However, it matters little that we are not together now, nor does it matter that time and space may separate us by almost infinite distances. The only thing that counts is that we are friends, working together in a common cause, the cause of righteousness and the expansion of the consciousness of the children of the Most High.

Although I see you not, I often feel your presence near, or thrill with the noble thoughts which you send out to find their home in minds attuned to yours. Although you may never read the words which I am penning now, I declare to you that you shall feel the vibrations of tenderness and kindliness which emanate from me to all of you.

Our work, our love, our purposes are One. March on, dear friends, to higher, brighter goals! Continue in your dreams of happier days and in your deeds of service to your kind. Protect the torch of faith from winds of doubt, and let no storm disturb your peace of mind. Farewell, dear friends of mine, until we meet.

—Paramhansa Yogananda, East-West Magazine, November 1933