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Unexpected Saints by Nayaswami Devi

Her name was Ofelia. She was born in Mexico and grew up in an orphanage there. In her early twenties she made her way to California, where she married and raised twelve children. She and her family lived in the Hispanic district of Sacramento, and though her home was small, the doors of her house and her heart were always wide open to anyone in need. - Read more...

When Worries Howl by Nayaswami Jyotish

In his magnificent poem “God! God! God!,” Paramhansa Yogananda writes these lines: - Read more...

Staying Young by Nayaswami Devi

What are some of the qualities of youth? A sparkle in the eye? A buoyant step? An enthusiasm for life? Laughter that springs easily from the heart? - Read more...

A Spiritual Color Wheel by Nayaswami Jyotish

There are many interesting connections between being an artist and being a spiritual seeker. The other day it struck me that there is a kind of “spiritual” color wheel—I’m given to these musings from time to time. I shared my thoughts with Devi, and she suggested that it might make an interesting blog. So, whether you enjoy this one or not, it isn’t my fault. The karma, good or bad, is on Devi. - Read more...

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June 30 (Sunday) – July 7 (Sunday): The 50th Anniversary of Ananda Village and Dedication of New Temple of Light: 50 Years of Manifesting the Vision of the Masters (also streamed live)
The Expanding Light


July 1 (Monday): 50 Years of Manifesting the Vision of the Masters (also streamed live)
The Expanding Light

July 5 (Friday): Swami Kriyananda and Ananda’s Place in the World Religions (also streamed live)
The Expanding Light

July 6 (Saturday): An Invocation of Light: Dedication of the Temple of Light (also streamed live)
The Expanding Light

July 7 (Sunday): Sunday Service (Abiding in God) (Also streamed live.)
The Expanding Light

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