nirmalaThe Nayaswami Order is a movement in renunciation that fits with modern times. Traditional monastic orders focus on denying the reality of the world and practicing strict self-discipline until one is convinced that God alone exists. Instead of being world-negating, the Nayaswami Order is soul-affirming. It is intended for people from all walks of life, married or single, who are committed to finding God, and is open to people of every religious affiliation. If you are interested in joining the order, please visit
There are four different types of renunicates in the Nayaswami Order:

Nayaswamis: Nayawamis have taken a vow of complete renunciation. They vow to live life for God alone. This includes celibacy whether they are married or single, and they cannot remarry if divorced or widowed, or marry if single. They view their partners as belonging only to God and give up attachment to them in favor of a divine friendship. To remind them of their vow, Nayaswamis wear a particular shade of blue. This vow is only for people who have meditated and been actively on the spiritual path for many years.

monks3Tyagis: Having taken the Tyaga vow, Tyagis strive to see everything as coming from God. They may be married or single, but are encouraged to only take this vow if they are not going to have children or their children are grown, since children need the parents to be attentive to them on a worldly level. Tyagis wear all white or at least a white shirt to indicate their status.

Brahmacharis: The Brahmacharya vow is for single men and women only and includes celibacy. They renounce attachment to all people, places, things, and self-definitions. There is version of this vow that can just be taken for one year so the Brahmachari can decide if he/she, truly feels it is right to stay single and celibate for the remainder of their life. Brahmacharis wear a bright yellow color to show that they have taken this vow.

Pilgrims: The Pilgrim vow is a vow to seek God and to work at releasing attachments and desires. This is the only vow suitable for couples with young children or planning to have children.