Periodically ask yourself the following questions:

Give to Life:

    • Say YES to life?
    • Expand my awareness of others’ realities?
    • Give to living things: pets, plants, wild birds, the environment?
    • Donate or tithe regularly to return a portion of what God has given me?
    • Consciously serve God in others?
    • Give a proper diet to myself?:
      • Body: Eat good food, exercise, not too much or too little sleep?
      • Mind: Regularly read: spiritual literature, new ideas, humor, poetry?
      • Creativity: Try to do something in a new way every day?
      • Emotions: Stay even-minded and cheerful. Practice contentment?
      • Spirit: Make an effort to bring forth my soul qualities?

Open My Heart:

      • Worship God in His creation?
      • Give thanks and appreciation for everything that comes to me?
      • Chant daily?
      • Practice japa?
      • Feel joy in meditation?


      • Establish good daily habits of meditation?
      • Practice daily the main techniques: Energization, Hong-Sau, Aum, and Kriya?
      • Try to advance my practice: Have my kriyas checked, do more, and deeper?
      • Deepen my practice with: A long weekly meditation, seclusion, pilgrimages?


      • Spend more time with spiritual friends and in spiritually uplifting ways?
      • Attend group meditations regularly?
      • Share deeply with one or two good friends?
      • Connect with the center or meditation group near me?
      • Visit The Expanding Light in order to recharge my spiritual batteries?

Attunement with my Guru (and my teachers):

      • Read his writings regularly?
      • Listen to tapes and try to absorb the magnetism from his voice?
      • Listen to/sing his music and try to feel the consciousness behind it?
      • Visualize his face, especially his eyes?
      • Pray to him?
      • Try to become more aware of his constant presence just behind my thoughts?



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  1. Dear Jyotish,
    It’s great to have a list like this to refer to if I’m ever feeling down in any way. These tools are fail proof to lift consciousness. In Joy, Sahaja

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