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The Philosopher King by Nayaswami Devi

We were once talking with Swami Kriyananda about the best form of government. “Enlightened monarchy with a philosopher king is the highest expression,” he said. “But it’s only possible in a more advanced age in which mass consciousness is higher than it is today.” - Read more...

We Don’t Know Enough by Nayaswami Jyotish

One of the Ananda teachers just sent me an article about the physiological link between the breath and a brain chemical, noradrenaline. Here’s a quote from the article: - Read more...

Five Steps to Self-Realization by Nayaswami Devi

As plants grow toward the sun’s light, so too do our souls reach up toward the light of God. At first our inner growth may seem slow and hesitant, but gradually, as the yearning in our heart grows stronger, our movement towards the light gains momentum. Eventually, and this is true for everyone, the magnetism of God’s presence within us becomes such a powerful force that we fairly rush to embrace it. - Read more...

Self-Control by Nayaswami Jyotish

We heard a good joke recently. A man and his young grandson are shopping in a supermarket. The little boy is fussing and whining, wanting to leave. - Read more...

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May 26 (Saturday) -- or in India, 10 a.m. Sunday, May 27: Paramhansa Yogananda's Mission for the World (online webinar)
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June 1 (Friday): Joyful Service: A Direct Path to Finding God
Ananda Palo Alto

June 2 (Saturday): Yogananda Fest—Autobiography of a Yogi: The Message that Sparked a Spiritual Revolution
Ananda Palo Alto

June 2 (Saturday): Yogananda Fest—Share the Light: Transforming the World Through Prayer
Ananda Palo Alto

June 3 (Sunday): Sunday Service: The Inner Kingdom (Also streamed live.)
Ananda Palo Alto

June 10 (Sunday): Sunday Service (topic: Why Do Devotees Fall?) (also live online)
The Expanding Light

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