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From Concentration to Absorption to . . . by Nayaswami Devi

Some years ago we were completing the work on Swami Kriyananda’s dome at Ananda Village, the initial building of what has evolved over time into Crystal Hermitage. Although the interior of the dome still needed work to transform it from a building site into a home, Swamiji was eager to move in. - Read more...

Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World by Nayaswami Jyotish

As I travel around the world, one of the questions asked most often is, “How can I bring my life into balance?” People feel pressured and pushed, unable to get centered. - Read more...

Moving Beyond the Ego by Nayaswami Devi

Paramhansa Yogananda described divine vision as being “center everywhere, circumference nowhere.” Because God is omnipresent, each of the billions of different perspectives He has created has its own validity. At the same time, no single point of view has a monopoly on truth. - Read more...

Controlling Our Reactions by Nayaswami Jyotish

A few days ago my son and I were walking in the beautiful Tahoe National Forest in Northern California. We were enjoying the peace and beauty of this magnificent environment: the trees, the wildflowers, and the little chipmunks scurrying around. We strolled along, talking about this and that with long periods of silence in between. Then the peace was broken by two rowdy, yelling people in a noisy ATV (all-terrain vehicle). - Read more...

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July 2 (Saturday): Early Days of Ananda: Living History (also streamed live)
The Expanding Light

July 13 (Wednesday): Awaken to Your True Potential
Ananda Virtual Community


August 3 (Wednesday): Success and Prosperity
Ananda Virtual Community

Spiritual Renewal Week—Autobiography of a Yogi: 70 Years of Changing Consciousness (August 7–14)

Aug. 8 (Monday): Paramhansa Yogananda: India's Messenger of God (also online)
The Expanding Light

August 13 (Saturday): Indian Banquet, followed by Dedication of New Temple Site
The Expanding Light

August 14 (Sunday): Sunday Service: Does Satan Exist? (also broadcast live)
The Expanding Light

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